Melon VPN for PC: step-by-step guide

After purchasing a subscription and account activation, sign in to your dashboard using the login and password you used during the registration. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for our service.

On the next screen, you can select a VPN location and operating system, as well as download the configuration file with necessary parameters.

Select a VPN location. We provide servers in different countries around the world — you will be able to use the server in your preferred location.

In the Operating System section, check Windows. Your configuration file is ready, download it to any folder on your PC. Most browsers by default save files to the Downloads folder, however, you can change.

You are not limited to one location. Select the different server and download the new config file.

To be able to establish a connection, download the OpenVPN client.

OpenVPN installation on Windows

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN service that is perfect for anyone who wishes to protect themselves online. It works flawlessly for small-medium sized businesses, as well as individual at-home use. If you are interested in protecting your browsing, OpenVPN is perfect for you.

Get the installation file from the official website or right from the VPN Melon dashboard.

Please make sure to download the right installer for your operating system. Next, install OpenVPN client on your PC. Be default, the app will install to C:/Program Files/OpenVPN, however, you are able to choose the folder. Do not change any additional settings if you don’t know what they mean.

You will be offered to read the license agreement. Press “I Agree” button

In the next window, you will see several components, which will be installed on your PC. Don’t change anything here and press the “Next” button.

Here you need to choose, where will be installed all the files. By default, it is C:\Program Files\OpenVPN. If everything is ok, just press “Next” again.

While installing, the program will show a warning about drivers for the TAP device. You need to confirm installation and then wait till installation finishes

After the finish of the installation, you need to press the button with label ‘Finish’

After installation, the wizard will create C:/Program Files/OpenVPN/config folder. Copy all the configuration files here. In our case, we have 4 files here: three configs and the Readme file.

Connect OpenVPN client

Now, you are ready to run the OpenVPN client. If it launched successfully, you will see the following icon in the notification area.

To connect to the VPN, click with the right mouse button on the icon, select the server, and click Connect.

The app will request the login and password from your account. Enter them and click OK. There is an option to save the password not to enter it manually each time.

If you entered everything correctly, the OpenVPN client will establish a connection. Usually, it takes several seconds.

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